The first thought that arises in mind from the mention of a door is the safety and durability that it can promise. And, Flush Doors have kept this promise ever since the commencement of their manufacturing. The careful choice of hardwood timber most suitable for flush doors, and its meticulous seasoning for unparalleled strength and reliability, are the chief factors behind the steadfast trust of buyers that Flush Doors have gained over the years.

Flush Doors

The very concept of Flush Doors calls forth the idea of high security and irrefutable durability

To help you effectively understand the applicability of flush doors for bedrooms, bathrooms, drawing rooms, etc. in your home, here’s an enumeration of key aspects that make Flush Doors your choice-

Flush Doors are manufactured using solid blockboard cores, with well-seasoned hardwood battens to form the frame and a layer of cross-bands to bolster the complete structure. Under the cross-bonding, are face veneers that are compacted to the door at high temperature and pressure, using phenol formaldehyde resin and permanent preservatives.

Salient Characteristics

If the above description seems too technical for general understanding, here are some of the supreme resultant features of Flush Doors-

  • Dimensional consistency
  • Absolute resistance to termites and borers
  • Verified boiling water proof
  • Chemically treated and deeply seasoned hardwood timber
  • Tested against glue, flexure, knife, screw withdrawal holding, edge loading, and impact resistance
  • ‘A’ quality face veneers used during hot pressing

Comprehensive Applications

The very concept of Flush Doors calls forth the idea of high security and irrefutable durability. They find best applications in bedrooms, bathrooms and living room, etc. One may tend to think that the high security that Flush Doors provide could jeopardize their aesthetic appeal. This, however, could not be more wrong.

Here are two simple ideas to bring a unique attractive twist in your rooms with Flush Doors-

  • They can be painted with patterns to give the illusion of wall art when the door is closed.
  • You can always choose such a color for your Flush Doors that picks up and enhances a secondary color in the room.

Venerable door manufacturers such as DURO make Flush Doors which are the choicest when you set off seeking reliability and complete satisfaction for decorating your home. So, enjoy promised strength and security along with an ornate look in your home interior with DuroDoor – Flush Doors.