In their essence and meaning, interior designing and interior decoration seem to be sounding similar to a large extent, but in subtleties, they differ a lot. When it comes to carrying out an interior décor job, you can often hear people clubbing both these words extracting the same meaning. The people doing the same are at fault. Why? This blog explains:

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Interior decoration is all about adorning different surfaces in a particular interior

Interior Design

Interior designing involves a large number of things which include due preparations of different documents by an individual having authority in the domain, planning and elevations, particulars about the detailing, fixing of communications and power source locations, layouts of furniture, and evaluations of finishes and different materials to be used in a particular structure.

Interior Decoration

On the other hand, interior decoration is all about adorning different surfaces in a particular interior space that include:

  • Wallcoverings
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Every décor accessory &
  • Flooring

In interior decoration, the personal choices and preferences of the individual using the space are taken into serious considerations such as taste, personality, inclinations, and lifestyle as well.

Let’s explore the domains more deeply:

Interior Design

  • Interior designing is considered to be a multi-faceted job in which so many creatively innovative ideas along with technical solutions are enforced to create a particular interior environment.
  • All the solutions enforced are functional and aesthetically attractive by nature and elevate the overall quality of the dweller’s life.
  • Designs are created while responding to the structure’s physical location as well as socio-economical contexts.
  • Adherence to all regulatory needs is also taken care of in designing.
  • The process of designing is driven by a well-coordinated and systematic methodology.

Interior Decoration

  • In an interior décor job, the selection of floor coverings is made according to the lifestyle of the occupants.
  • An interior decorator finalizes lighting fixtures whereas the designer looks into aspects related to compliance and safety codes.

The people involved in both the domains are professionals who can be expected to know different furniture construction materials, best flush doors for homes, leading plywood suppliers and flush doors suppliers in India, and much more. Upon hiring, both are expected to address your queries and concerns for sure.