Teak is a natural wood considered to be ideal for decorative furniture. The world’s most valuable and demanded hardwood in the contemporary times, it is rare in its overall beauty, decorative grain, golden brown lustre. The containments that it has serve as Mother Nature’s agent for weatherproofing, waterproofing, rot and insects while ensuring that each and every piece of furniture made of it lasts long year after year.


Teak is ideal for decorative furniture, having rarity in beauty, decorative grain and golden brown lustre.


It has a large number of uses that primarily include sculptures, doors, window frames, exterior joinery, interior and exterior furniture. The chemical industry, in particular, has recognised numerous applications of it due to its exemplary durability and stubbornly unyielding resistance to the harshest of chemicals.

This wood is free from wraps, cracks and it also does not turn black even when it is in close contact with metals. It seldom requires any further decoration. In case it loses its shine after a certain span of time, it can very easily be polished and sanded again for that renewed and refreshing looks. It can also be very easily hand-carved to create more intricate and customised pieces of furniture.

Properties at a glance-

  • It is highly rich in rubber content and natural oils
  • It is a very close-grained hardwood product. This enables it to offer easier joints cuts in an accurate manner and also makes it perfectly suitable for carving to include great detail.
  • It is one of the hardest, toughest and outstandingly durable products of all natural woods available.
  • It has high resistant to rotting and the bad effects of hot sun, heavy rains, snow or frost which make it the most suitable stuff for exterior uses.
  • Most of the plywood surrender when they are place in direct sunlight for long time, but this wood stands firm under any climatic condition.
  • It is actually a little bit high-priced and sometimes very hard to find or purchase. This is the reason, people make use of substitute woods that never offer great results. They do not contain the same exemplary qualities as teak.

Those who go for it always enjoy complete peace of mind once the pieces of furniture made of this super wood is installed. Therefore, investing money in it may seem to be heavy on pocket, but in the long run, the results are really rewarding.

In India, the finest quality of Decorative Plywood and Duroteak simply go hand in hand. Conforming to BWP grade as per IS: 1328 (1996), Duroteak is made using the best veneers that are sourced from different South East Asian countries. Duroteak oozes out the natural glow and warmth of golden wood that can transform any interior decor into a masterful work of art