Quality plywood sheets are the soul of furniture, and carefully-selected plywood may result in masterpieces that adorn your home or workplace for eons. This is why, with the decision of setting up new furniture, comes the responsibility of choosing the right kind of plywood for its construction.

To help you out, this writing piece presents some handy tips for identifying the type of plywood that you should buy based on the location, type, size and use of the furniture.

Before you get on with the purchase of plywood, ask yourself the following questions-

1. Is the furniture to be placed indoor, and likely to get wet?

Plywood for Furniture

BWP (Boiling Water Proof) plywood is ideal for indoor furniture that has possibility to get wet.

Furniture that is located indoors may have chances of getting wet, such as those placed in the kitchen or dining area. This covers the dining table, bathroom doors, kitchen wardrobes, and cabinets, kitchen table, etc. A good choice in case of such furniture is a category of plywood called BWR (Boiling Water Resistant), but the best choice would be to choose BWP (Boiling Water Proof), which lasts strongly even in very wet environment.

2. Is the furniture to be placed outdoor, and likely to get wet?
When the furniture is for exterior use, a more reliable quality of plywood is Marine grade. This type of plywood is costlier than BWP, and finds its best use in industrial applications, as well as in water transportation. Even though Marine grade is better in quality, one is safe to choose BWP plywood as it is robust enough to be used in household furniture.

3. Is the furniture not going to be wet?
Indoor furniture such as cabinets, beds and wall panels have hardly any chances of getting wet. These applications can safely rely upon MR grade plywood, which stands for Moisture Resistant. It must be kept in mind that moisture-resistant and water-proof plywood are not synonymous. While waterproof plywood can tolerate water on it, moisture-resistance only refers to resistance of dampness in surroundings. MR plywood is cheaper relative to BWP plywood, and goes well for most indoor furniture for homes.

4. Is the furniture interior or exterior grade?
Decorative plywood manufacturers refer to MR grade as interior grade, while BWP to exterior grade. This is because MR grade furniture is suitable for indoor use, and BWP can be used in furniture that will be placed outdoors, such as in a garden.

With these key tips in mind, you as a potential buyer will be more equipped to choose the right kind of plywood for your next furniture.