Biophilic designing is all about creating a natural environment

Biophilic designing refers to the innovative method of designing, living, working and learning about spaces. Although all of us need nature, all our places these days are being constructed in a way that not only degrades the environment but also takes us away from nature.

The recent trend in green architecture inspired by Biophilic designing, to a large extent, has not only decreased the bad impact on the environment but also re-established a connection with nature once again.

Although the term ‘Biophilic Designing’ has been coined quite recently, the reflectors of such designs can be seen in the historical hanging gardens of Babylon.

Here are some of the most unique and innovative characteristics of Biophilic Designing:

  1. This type of space designing is all about creating a natural environment inside a construction by introducing bright color palettes, ample natural light, and green indoor plants.
  2. Presently, a large number of researches are on their way to find and explore more advantages of Biophilic Designing.
  3. This concept fulfills the inherited need of human beings to be in close touch with nature for their evolutionary dependence.
  4. This idea has relevance in everyday life as human beings travel long just for the sake of sightseeing and to be with nature after spending a robust amount of money.
  5. The elements of nature in this type of designing are proven to be emotionally satisfying to the dwellers and can be implemented using sculptures, murals, photos and even furniture made of high strength plywood – the most environment-friendly product engineered by humans till date.
  6. The advantages of biophilic designing at the workplace are many, as scientifically concluded researches strongly suggest that such designs bring improvement in overall employee well-being, their productivity level, and satisfaction.

Plywood produced by the best plywood companies in India can be one of the best elements to carry out Biophilic Designing for all types of furniture. Plywood is an environment-friendly engineered product and is termed as such because the timber to make it is procured from sustainable forests.