love for plywood - a beautiful home

Love for plywood means: A beautiful home!

Plywood is one of the foremost exemplars of human ingenuity and craftsmanship. Our engineering skills have reached the pinnacle of excellence and plywood is one of the best examples of its application. There are a number of reasons why modern furniture designers like Alvar Aalto, Noburu Nakamura or well-known brands like Dieter Rams and Ikea prefer it over conventional lumber. Love for plywood is universal and we can give you loads of reasons in support of it.

Architects and interior designers also vouch for the advantages of plywood and the leeway it gives them while experimenting with new design ideas and creative concepts.

Let us look at 5 reasons why plywood is the ‘darling’ of various professionals.

  1. Superior Look: Plywood exudes the same richness of real wood, as because a panel of plywood is usually covered with solid lumber. Further, if good quality veneer is used, the finish could be even more impeccable. However, these days architects and designers prefer to leave the stratified edges of plywood uncovered. It has become a trend in itself.

    love for plywood - dining table

    Love for plywood means – Food never tasted better!

  1. Versatile: Plywood has a very high utility value. You can use it for making furniture for everyday domestic purposes. But plywood is equally indispensable for making elegant, bespoke furniture or building structures. Different grades of plywood are available based on the quality; as a result of which plywood can cater a wide spectrum of the target market.
  1. Strong: Plywood due to its cross-grained structure has managed to overcome many of the inherent disadvantages of natural wood. Plywood has managed to neutralize problems like warping or bending.
    Further, strong phenolic adhesives can increase the strength of the ply exponentially. Over and above, its light weight and ease of molding features make it a clear winner over solid wood for most practical applications.
  1. Durable: Plywood is a very hardy and durable engineered wood product. Because it has uniform strength along grains in different directions, it can resist stress and as a result, it is a highly durable and reliable product.
  1. Affordable: Plywood has very good value for money because there is very little wastage even from a big sheet of plywood. Good finish can also ensure that no adhesive marks are left and the end of the grains are not left loose. You won’t need to cut off dinged or cracked ends or waste time in ironing out the knots. The entire sheet is usable. Of course, the price of plywood is always less compared to solid hardwood lumber.
love for plywood - affordable room

Love for plywood means – Your dream home at an affordable price!

Apart from the reasons that we stated above, we recommend plywood for one more reason. Plywood requires much lesser quantity of natural timber for its manufacture compared to solid wood. This factor influences the purchasing decisions and choices of environmentally conscious buyers.

SPIL has always played its part in promoting sustainable felling of trees and checking deforestation. We as a plywood manufacturer have proven our love for plywood and used it to consistently raise the bar of innovation.

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