Whether you’ve just shifted to a new home, or are looking for some quick tips to transform your sweet existing home, here are some tricks that professional designer (when hired) employ at a robust price-

plywood for home

DIY tricks often prove to be helpful in transforming your home

  • Always remember that sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest impact inside your house. It could be an additional mirror, a classic painting, a plant or even a stylish lamp. Just contemplate over which one suits your home best out of them.
  • The living room is the finest example of how you can maximize your small living space. Small room has the tendency to appear cramped, but the large-sized windows, light coloured walls and clever use of mirrors not only reverberate the natural light coming in from the windows and doors, but the strategic use of mirrors also creates the optical illusion of bigger space, making the room seem to be larger than it actually is.
  • There’s no issue in placing your family heirlooms alongside the couch. The antique Chippendale desk which might actually be your grandfather’s purchase, tells a certain story belonging to your past. The modern couch that you have fallen in love with, narrates a story of the present offering a beautiful co-existence together.
  • Slip covers might be known to get a bad rap, but still they are very wonderful. They can serve as a meaningful source of transforming your furniture’s overall look to reflect certain seasons. These easily removable coverings allow you to achieve a highly sophisticated look without constantly worrying about the visitors spilling on your furniture made of high quality plywood for home.
  • Add some green plants to your living space. Plants are considered to be an inexpensive means to accessorize your interiors while adding colour and texture to it. Plants not only look beautiful but also can clean up the air inside while balancing the humidity levels. They also absorb pollutants and eliminate harmful gases from the air present inside your house. In a nutshell, no healthy home can be imagined without these awesome wonderful green assets.