If you want to enjoy the convenience of a smart home without compromising on the beauty and aesthetic appeal of its interiors, then here are some design strategies to help you blend technology and décor in your home-

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Tech and décor together make spaces more promising .

1. Create a Dedicated Charging Zone

In the age of technology when each and every one of us can’t live without electricity-run gadgets, it is inevitable for you to make a drawer in the foyer and use it as your charging zone. Keep your phones and tablets in it, and you will see no more chargers sticking out of each and every wall socket in the house, killing its aesthetic allure.

2. Stash Each and Every Virtual Assistant Out of Sight

Some smart tech devices for homes like Alexa, Echo and Siri are very comprehensively de rigueur. But in case you do not want them to take up the counter space, just put your gadgets behind cabinet doors with screens. You can also customize a laser-cut metal screen or wood into the design of the cabinet. These laser-cut patterns permit Wi-Fi signals to reach the device, and at the same time sound from the device to travel across the room.

3. “Hide” TVs in Plain View

Design-conscious home owners these days are ditching the entire media console for a television set that’s a fabulous statement piece on its own. The contemporary smart TVs can very easily be paired with ultra modern stylish accessories. The invisible connection optic cable wipes out all distracting wires from the sight, making the overall view clutter-free and good to look at.

4. Make Ample Spaces for Unplugging

In today’s round-the-clock connected and always-on-the-go world, designing home interiors to your family members’ passion and enthusiasm like art, books and music is an easier and stylish way to de-emphasize the tech of a home.


While carrying out all these things, you must keep in mind that design of a home is all about expressing yourself in an authentic manner. As technology has become part and parcel of modern life, you can’t avoid making some thoughtful decisions about how you can incorporate it into your living spaces. As everything has to be incorporated into the furniture, so considering customization with high quality plywood sourced from the best plywood company in India makes your assignment easier and more feasible.