While deciding to renovate a small room into a good one keeping in mind the growing teens, you might profusely benefit from the following tips before you spend any money on any random idea-

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Create a space which your teenager wants to spend his/her quality time in

Tip 1: Choose a particular piece of furniture as a focal point for the room

When you are working on the decoration of your teenagers’ room, just try to imagine – what is the first thing which you will see from the doorway while entering the room? That is exactly what will become the focal point.

Tip 2: Minimize the pieces of furniture you place in the bedroom

Apart from the floor space to manage well, you also have four walls and a ceiling which you have to consider well while redesigning a bedroom. The bedroom will give a larger look and feel if you just put mattress on the bed frame. Above the bed, you can install shelves for storage, and also mount some light fixtures on the walls for ambient or direct lighting.

This will eliminate the requirement for a nightstand to switch the lamp on. You can also place a small table or stool made from high quality plywood sourced from one of the best plywood brands in India which will function both as a desk and a make-up table (in case your teenager is a girl). The table here can also have drawers for storage of books, and some pieces of clothing.

Tip 3: Choose a theme for the décor of the room

Even if you select only few colors which are appealing to your teenagers, you will create a space which he or she wants to spend his/her quality time in. It would be very helpful to choose a minimalist theme while designing the space to make it more appealing to all those who enter.

Tip 4: Plan a room design which your teenagers can grow with