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10 Reasons to Choose Plywood

Plywood DURO TitaniumEngineered wood makers, furniture manufacturers, aficionados, and end users- everybody has at some point in their lives participated in this debate “Which is better – solid wood or plywood?” This is a pet topic of most enthusiasts and it has kept the pot simmering ever since the invention of plywood.

In this post, we would present before you some irrefutable points in favour of our argument.

Key advantages of plywood which makes it a clear winner for most applications:

1. Strength

Wood is many times stronger along the grain than across it. Crossing the adjacent sheets tends to distribute the strength equally in all directions. When decorative laminates or wood veneers are applied on this cross-layered surface with adhesives like Phenol Formaldehyde or Urea Formaldehyde, the strength of plywood becomes more than even that of solid wood.

2. Light Weight

Plywood is far lighter than solid wood. This makes it more suited to crafting different types of furniture. It’s area of application is wider than conventional wood, the weight of which often makes it unwieldy and unsuitable for use.

3. Non-splitting qualities

Although wood is tough, it has a tendency to split along the grain, under strain. But plywood due to its cross-layered surface can withstand a greater amount of strain and hence it can be nailed or screwed along the edges without damage.

4. Resistance to pest attack

Natural wood is prone to termite and borer attack and protecting the surface from such attacks is not at all easy, when it is used in the raw from. But plywood is pre-treated with anti-termite and anti-borer chemicals which increases its longevity as well as gives it a cavity free, smooth finish.

5. Large Size

Plywood is generally available in larger sizes than natural wood. Standard plywood sheets come in the size of 8 ft x 4 ft. But procuring one wooden plank or log of that size and making furniture out of it would be really very difficult. Although not very common, plywood sheets of sizes 6 ft x 25 ft are also not unheard of. Now just think of a wooden plank of that size. Phew!

6. Creating curved surfaces

It is easier to make curved forms with plywood than with wood. Chipping wood to make curved surfaces are never as smooth as that done with plywood. You can give any desired shape using plywood.

7. Greater square foot coverage

Greater square foot coverage is achieved in plywood veneer in comparison to solid wood.

8. Environmentally safe and reduces Deforestation

One huge advantage of plywood is that it results in conservation of timber which results from sawing. Also, there is no worry of having to deal with the waste that is produced due to sawing.

9. Beauty

Although natural wood surfaces are attractive, using decorative laminates or veneers on a plywood surface which matches and complements the plywood surface, can accentuate the beauty of the product many times more. Decorative effect is enhanced by the regularity or symmetry of the design of the veneer.

10. Cost Advantage

Now let us turn our attention to the greatest advantage of using plywood. It is far more economical than wood. It is also very versatile. The range of designs available in the market in plywood is more.

So these qualities make plywood a winner over solid wood. You can always check out our website www.sardaplywood.in to see the range of plywood products that we provide. We have been crafting quality for over 55 years and today our Duro products are considered synonymous with excellence and we are considered trailblazers in the field because of our constant product innovations.

We would really appreciate if we get constant feedback from you because the whole point of starting this blog is greater customer engagement. So long then!