With careful planning, designing and positioning of the accessories in the right manner, you can use your basement in a large number of ways. With the space crunch in residential areas, basements have become a necessity, particularly in metro and mini metro cities.

doors for rooms

Careful planning, designing and positioning of the accessories are what matters

Therefore, interior decorators and architects always make efforts to use even the smallest corners of homes to make them look spacious and beautiful. All this gives homes a better feel, and to a large extent, satisfies the need of a complete home

Here’s how you can make your basement useful, spacious and beautiful-

  1. Strategically placed furniture helps basement look spacious and also gives it the ability to be converted into a pleasant guest room.
  2. Always use light pastel colours like white, pink and other bright tones. It will give a spacious look and feel to the basement. Using darker colours like red, black etc will make the space look smaller and congested.
  3. Rather than breaking up the basement from rest part of the home using any plywood doors for rooms, it is better to leave it open, as it will give a lesser closed look and feel to the basement.
  4. Always use horizontal patterns for walls to make it look more spacious.
  5. Avoid including so many accessories and equipments in your furniture plan. It will make your basement look extremely cluttered.
  6. As basement is the lowest part of the house, it should have foolproof waterproofing, flooring and roofing. This protects the space from various water leaking issues.
  7. Basements are known to have access to lesser or sometimes nil amount of natural light. Therefore, always choose effective and efficient lighting schemes.
  8. Diffused light conditions can very easily be created using low power LED bulbs for creating a cosy environment.
  9. To give basement a fully different and unique appearance, use of spotlights is also recommended.
  10. Last but not the least important fact is that you must keep minimal furniture made from best plywood for furniture in India.