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PTA Designs Pvt. Ltd

From their main office to their dealers, sub-dealers, the entire team is very well behaved and always makes you feel welcomed. This level of confidence is very rare to be built with any vendor, especially in our world of designing, where detail is everything! Generally the sales team in any organization keeps changing and we have to deal with a different person every time, but in this case, the core team has been stable through many years and we know that no matter how small or big the problem is, their team will take care of it. There have been examples of their exceptional service and efforts to maintain a long term relation, there is one such example of our Mumbai project when their team travelled specially from Bhopal to Mumbai and compensated the client for the repairs, while the reason for the damage of plywood was also not clear; it could have been the humidity of the city or the use of lower quality base material or any other reason of damage, but they made sure to get it fixed, and everyone walked out happily. That incidence gave us the confidence to take it forward. A very personalized service is what we have received every time! And when we recommend them to any client, it is with full confidence and faith that our client will be taken care of We wish them, even more success with all the value system they follow.