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At Duroply Industries Limited every product passes through a given set of production process. Checking is done at every stage of production to ensure that the product is free from any defect. Careful analysis at each and every stage of manufacturing, packaging and distribution has allowed deeper insights into the value creation process.


At Duroply Industries Limited, Quality Management is an organization-wide approach to understanding precisely what customers need and consistently delivering accurate solutions within budget, on time and with minimum loss to society.

This also incorporates measuring all process elements, the analysis of performance and the continual improvement of the products, services and processes that deliver them to the customer. For Sarda, Quality management is also business management or integrated management.


THT is a triple Agnipariksha for all Duro products. All the wood and plywood being used in the manufacture of Duro, go through three different stages of heat and chemical treatment to emerge ultimately as 100% Nuksan Proof.

It completely sanitises the wood by controlling extra resin/oil and by destroying bores, white ants, fungi etc, that are homed inside the wood. It eliminates later problems of wraping, cracking or de-lamination in the sheets. It infuses strong bonding and corrugation free smooth surface, thus making the finished product strong enough to endure the travails of time for generations to come.

The first crucial step towards ensuring long lasting durable furniture, meant to last for generations, is to buy the right kind of material, material without any flaw. This is where the need for Duro THT products arise.

Duro THT products are 100% Nuksan Proof.


At Duroply Industries Limited and all its member companies there are many activities that extend far beyond production. They include research, design, logistics and distribution, technological services, back-office support, and customer care, among others.

The 'go' word at Sarda is to Innovate constantly to adapt to economic and technological changes. This has resulted in customer-focused innovation and mass customization among other innovation trends at Sarda.

Intensive Research and Development is a continuous activity at Duroply Industries Limited member institutions, running parallel to the production and marketing process.

Checking at every stage is done by the R&D teams in respective in-house laboratories. The results have been very satisfying for the companies and customers across the spectrum, by way of innovative and superior quality products, better manufacturing, improved service, and superior quality standards. Careful analysis at each and every stage of manufacturing, packaging and distribution has allowed deeper insights into the value creation process. This rich knowledge bank guarantees utmost reliability in all Sarda products and gives us the impetus to drive our R&D further to realize unmet demands.