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Duro Titanium Plus

Titanium is one of the most versatile metals ever known to mankind. It is much stronger than steel and half as light, making it a rare metal which is used in Space Travel, Rocket Technology and Military R&D. Inspired by the rare combination of strength and flexibility of this unique metal, Duroply Industries Limited presents DURO TITANIUM PLUS, after a decade of thorough and focussed R&D.Conforms to BWP grade as per IS: 10701:2012

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  • Wonder Log Criterion

    Duro Titanium plus is derived from individually selected gurjan timber that satisfies Wonder Log Criterion - a well researched set of guidelines devised by Duroply's R&D to search for the mother of all logs, the Wonder Log. Armed with the criterion, Quality Officers tour the length and breadth of the universe to acquire timbers that are known for their natural hardness and termite proof attributes.

  • THT (Triple Heat Treatment)

    Duro Titanium Plus product is subject to a unique THT process where the product passes through 3 different stages of heat & chemical treatment. This optimum treatment of veneer through THT process increases the inherent strength of the product manifold. DURO Titanium PLus therefore has such qualities that make it stand the test of time.

  • PFS True-Glue Bonding

    Gapless plywood & blockboard after being THT treated are put through the revolutionary new age PFS True Glue Bonding procedure. In this procedure each layer of the plywood is penetrated with our " in-house" specially manufactured PFS glue under heat and pressure. As a result, bonding between wood veneers is significantly enhanced thereby multiplying the strength of Duro Titanium Plus multifold.

  • Gapless Construction

    Duro Titanium Plus product is made to undergo a unique production technique that ensures each product is gapless. Extra strength to give long lasting life, Infection free to ward off termites, Able to withstand more weight, All in all, a plywood and blockboard that is as solid as Titanium.

  • Termite Treatment

    Every Duro Titanium Plus blockboard is subjected to a never before tried Temo Treatment that makes it truly resistant to termite attacks. This extra-ordinary mechanism encompasses wide ranging procedures.

Technical Specifications

Conforming to IS : 10701:2012

Prescribed Test Values for Conformity Observed Value
Moisture content (%) 5 - 15% 6 - 8%
Glue shear strength
(in dry state)
Adhersion of ply Min. pass standard Min. pass standard
Glue shear strength
(after 72 hrs. boiling)
Avg. 800N
Avg. 1020N
Tensile strength
Along the grain
Across the grain

Min : 55.0 N/mm2
Min : 35.0 N/mm2

78.8 N/mm2
49.7 N/mm2
Static bending strength
Modulus of rupture
Along the grain
Across the grain
Modulus of elasticity
Along the grain
Across the grain

Min : 50 N/mm2
Min : 30 N/mm2

Min : 7500 N/mm2
Min : 4000 N/mm2

66 N/mm2
50 N/mm2

7885 N/mm2
4690 N/mm2
Modulus of Rigidity Min : 588 N/mm2 1290 N/mm2
Rolling Shears Strength Min : 3.0 N/mm2 3.65 N/mm2
Compressive Strength
Along the grain Min : 35 N/mm2 40.05 N/mm2
Along the grain Min : 30 N/mm2 39.91 N/mm2