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All Duro products undergo a special Termo Proof process and Triple Heat Treatment that ensures that our products are guaranteed for their performance against termite and other insect infestation ranging from 10 years to Lifetime

Insect infestation such as termite can be quite a menace and ruin the woodwork in your home. At Duro, we believe that each home deserves the best and through extensive research, we have come upon a unique Termo Treatment process to protect your woodwork from this menace.

Salient Features:
  • Boiling of Logs to remove wood harming insects
  • Each Layer of Core is Termo Treated
  • Each Sheet of Duro Product is subject to unique THT process
  • Each Sheet is dipped in a special anti-termite solution before being shipped
  • 3 Times Money Back Guarantee in case of Termite Infestation

Therefore, through extensive research Duro guarantees the performance of its premium products against all forms of insect infestation. In addition, DURO Guarantee ranges from Lifetime to 10 Years and comes with a promise of 3 times money back guarantee*.

Please contact your DURO authorized dealer or the company here or call us at 1800-345-3876 (DURO) for any assistance.

Lifetime Guarantee
10 Years Guarantee
10 Years Manufacturing Warranty