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Tower Doors

Tower Doors are a range of economical doors made from well-seasoned eco Timbers that are well seasoned to increase their longevity. Tower Doors are also subject to Duro's unique THT process for strength and durability. Available in BWR grade, conforms to IS:2202 (Part 1) 1999
10 Years Manufacturing Warranty
  • Towering Bond

    Tower Doors are made with BWP grade resin and are pressed under a hot press ensuring a lifetime of bond.

  • Towering Resistance

    Tower Doors manufactured from perfectly seasoned and chemically treated prime quality eco timber ensuring resistance to climatic changes.

  • Towering Durability

    Tower Doors are made with wide and joint less frame & rail, made out of kiln seasoned hardwood timber. Triple heat treated to ensure durability & dimensional stability.

  • Towering Popularity

    Tower Doors are ideal for commercial projects and is the preferred choice in Hospitals, Hospitality, Builders and large Commercial projects.

Technical Specifications

Conforming to IS : 2202 (Part 1) 1999.

Prescribed Test Values for Conformity Observed Value
End Emmersion Test No delamination No delamination
Glue Adhesion test No delamination No delamination
Knife test Minimum pass standard Pass
Impact Indentation No cracking, tearing or delamination. Depth of indentation not greater than 0.2mm. Conforms
Slamming No visible damage after 50 drops No damage
Buckling (deflection in mm)
After 5 mts of 40 Kg loading
15 mts after load removal
No deterioration
Initial deflection not greater than 50mm.
Residual deformation after 15 minutes of unloading not greater than 5mm.
No deterioration
Edge loading (deflection in mm)
After 15 mts of 100 Kg loading
3 mts after load removal
Lateral buckling
Deflection at max load not greater than 5mm.
Residual deflection after removal of load not greater than 0.5mm
Not more than 2mm. during loading
No residual buckling after load removal
No lateral buckling
No residual buckling
Screw with drawl strength, N Not less than 1000
Surface condition: No visible damage to the surface either by determination or by extra chipping off...
No visible damage
Standard Sizes (mm)
Single Leaf 2050 X 900, 2050 X 800, 2050 X 700, 1950 X 900, 1950 X 800.
Double Leaf 2050 X 1100, 1950 X 1100.
Thickness (in mm)
30, 32, 35, 40, 45. *Special customized sizes are available on requirement.