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Duro Techply Doors

Duro Techply Doors are a true innovation from Europe brought to you in India by Duro. These doors are made from Extruded Particle Boards that are sourced from Germany. The unique structure of the core ensures that the product is dimensionally stable, no warping or shrinkage, has superior sound absorption properties and has a very strong load bearing strength. Conforms to IS:2202 (Part 1) 1999

With 10 Years Guarantee
  • C-Matrix Technology

    Only these doors have C-Matrix Technology at their hearts that guarantees extra strength and resistance based on a top secret set of measurements and calibration.

  • Eco-friendly

    These doors are 100% eco-friendly as they are manufactured using Extruded Particle Board Fillers.

  • Conforming to IS specifications

    Conforming to IS specifications, these doors are produced with state-of-the-art technology thereby offering complete freedom from termites, absolute precision in dimensional stability, ultimate strength and also it doesn't show any visible dowel.

  • Less weight and Higher Sound Absorption

    30% less weight compared to the doors with solid wood fillers and the unique tubular fillers reduce the sound transmission across doors significantly.

Technical Specifications

Prescribed Test Values for Conformity Observed Value
Moisture content (%) 5 - 15 9
Glue shear strength
(in dry state)
Min.  1100N
Avg.  1350N
Min.  1390N
Avg.  1520N
Adhersion of plies Min. pass standard  Min. pass standard
Glue shear strength
(after 72 hrs. boiling)
Min. 800N
Avg. 1000N
Min. 960N
Avg. 1170N
Tensile strength
Along the grain
Across the grain

42N/Sq. mm.
25N/Sq. mm.

65N/Sq. mm.
63N/Sq. mm.
Sum of strength 84.50N/Sq.mm 94N/Sq.mm.
Static bending strength
Modulus of rupture
Along the grain
Across the grain
Modulus of elasticity
Along the grain
Across the grain

50N/Sq. mm.
30N/Sq. mm.

7200N/Sq. mm.
4000N/Sq. mm. 

66N/Sq. mm.
52N/Sq. mm.

8331N/Sq. mm.
6685N/Sq. mm.