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Did you know

  • 01 That no forest is destroyed to harvest wood used for decorative purposes?
  • 02 That only a few trees have the properties necessary for their wood to be used for decorative purposes?
  • 03 That for this reason only a very small portion of timber harvest (1-5%) can be made into veneer and only slightly more into lumber?
  • 04 That ten percent of today's forest area would be enough to meet the worldwide demand for timber (including paper production)?
  • 05 That more than half of the wood harvested in the world is burned to generate energy?
  • 06 That the forested area in most industrial countries is growing, especially in the hardwood forests of North America and Europe, and that less timber is cut than what grows back?
  • 07 That each tree absorbs an average of six kilograms of CO2 from the atmosphere each day and thus makes a decisive contribution to protecting the climate?
  • 08 That wood retains its ability to bind CO2 even after being used in homes and buildings?
  • 09 That every cubic meter of lumber has drawn a quarter of a metric ton of CO2 out of the atmosphere?
  • 10 That managed forests, thanks to their high proportion of young, strong, growing trees, enable CO2 to be extracted?
  • 11 That an old, unmanaged forest produces as much CO2 through processes of decomposition and decay as it stores, and that therefore an unmanaged forest contributes nothing to reducing global CO2?
  • 12 That processing wood requires smaller amounts of fossil fuels than processing other materials such as steel and concrete, and thus releases far less CO2?
  • 13 That making one cubic meter of aluminium releases 22 metric tons of CO2, compared to 0.015 metric tons for sawn timber?
  • 14 That processing wood produces no waste, it in fact produces reusable by-products