Inside homes, everyone always wants a unique and different style. Right from folding doors to those which are deceptively simple, doors always offer a great appeal and different sorts of interesting things which can be performed upon them to flaunt both uniqueness and style. Be it a home or business establishment, doors can provide a different kind of suitable appeal. What makes a difference is the choice of doors that you make, the door manufacturer and the knowledge that you have about them.

Door Manufacturer

Flush Doors are versatile, unique and popular for all types of homes.

Built to be Smooth, Beautiful and Durable

Flush doors are indeed ‘flush’ because they sound just like what they essentially are. In India, Flush Door (as a product name) and DURODOOR Flush Doors simply go hand in hand. They are manufactured to be smooth, beautiful and durable. Just because a flush door is on your mind, it  never means you can buy any wood type.

They Can be Fashioned in 3 Different Ways

Flush doors are available in the market in different types of wood species. Generally, fine hardwood veneers are utilized to produce flush doors. These hardwood veneers cover the core material that can be fashioned in 3 different ways – particle core, stave core and hollow core to choose from. This is a perfect reason behind flush doors to be a part of each and every home these days.

Versatile, Unique and Popular For All Types of Homes

Another reason lies in the style that makes them versatile, unique and popular for all types of homes. While these doors are highly usable for exterior applications, they are equally popular for interior applications also. Each side of flush doors is plain, though the wood veneer utilized may have certain patterns or inlays. Apart from style, you can think of Flush Doors as highly functional furniture elements too.

Flush Doors

Flush Doors as highly functional furniture elements

Good Source to Explore Creative Passion

The people installing flush doors can also explore their creative passion with them. Some of these doors conflate very nicely with the walls. When closed, people can paint them with a variety of intricate designs and patterns just to make them look just like a piece of great wall art. Flush doors are a great choice particularly when you use them for multiple rooms/spaces inside a single home/office. There are various flush door manufactures in Delhi having a very good dealer network to meet your need.