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Fumed – The Smoking Hot Veneer

Redesigning your home and planning its decor can be fun project, especially when you have access to the correct materials and the best design ideas. It is here that veneer experts come into the picture.

What is the most-recommended veneer in the market today that is making heads turn with its beauty and attractiveness? It is none other than Fumed Veneer!

What is Fumed Veneer?

The interior design industry has some high-quality veneer options that are only available with reputed veneer manufacturers such as DURO.

Fumed Veneer or Smoked Veneer is one of them. Smoked veneers are made by processing natural veneers with ammonia. As the ammonia reacts with the tannic acid inside the wood, it gives the veneer a dark brown colour.

Fumed or smoked veneers are a premium variety of wood veneer. It takes about two to three weeks to complete the manufacturing of fumed veneers using a a controlled smoking/fuming technology, Once the fuming is complete, the new colour becomes permanent.

The resultant veneer has a warm, dusky colour and a stylish look that is perfect for adding a special touch to your home or office interiors.

So, if you are looking for a charming alternative to the usual dark woods, Fumed Veneer is the ultimate choice.


Smoked or fumed veneers in rich, dark chocolate brown hues create a lasting impact on home interiors and go well with all types of décor themes. If you wish to install the latest veneers in your home or office, we suggest you opt for fumed or smoked veneers and see the difference it brings to your environment.

DURO offers a vast range of Plywood, Blockboards, Flush Doors & Fumed Veneers that can be fully customized to help you turn your design concept into a reality. If you are looking for reliable and high-quality smoked veneers for your home, contact the veneer expert team at DURO today!