If you are under the impression that plywood is only a cheerful alternative to traditional wood, just think again. It is not only strong but also mesmerizing by looks. Whether you love it or not, engineered wood seems to be everywhere. Needless to say, the concept of it, is not new – the iconic Eames chair (A chair designed by Charles Eames; originally made of molded plywood; well- shaped to fit the human body) was first conceived in the year 1946.

Plywood Companies in India

Entryway is a place where keeping some attention-grabbing things makes perfect sense.

In the contemporary times, we’re observing so much amount of exposed engineered wood in the most stylish of homes. Being tough, durable and pliable, it has a large number of uses and applications. Here are some of the salient ones:


Plywood is always a beautiful, appealing, alluring and highly practical material for a modern kitchen, and can bring in a very warm and lovely glow in your kitchen.


The most remarkable thing about engineered wood is that it can be used around water also. In the light of that, it is considered to be ideal for bathrooms. You don’t necessarily need to make use of marine-grade ply for high-moisture areas; what you need to do is just specify to the supplier that the wood you are in search of must be perfectly suitable for high-moisture areas, and he will do the needful for you. However, while buying the product of the best plywood companies in India, you would need to give yourself no second thought.


Being ultra sleek and undauntedly strong, ply is an ideal choice for wardrobes, cupboards, bookshelves and other kinds of storage. Be cautious about the fact that ply has nature of warping and bowing, therefore, talk to your carpenter about opting for appropriate grade and thickness of stuff for effective application.

Room Dividers

Because engineered wood has a lighter and airy feel just opposite to dark and heavy timbers, it can be utilized to make outstanding room dividers, particularly in the areas where you are after a minute division in a fully open-plan space.


Making use of engineered wood in the formation of stairs is the order of the day. Lighter, cheaper and stronger than traditional woods, engineered wood reflects a royal look and feel when utilised to make stairs, particularly in the indoor areas of the home.

So, next time when you make up your mind to remodel or revamp any of the above-mentioned areas of your home, just think of plywood in place of ordinary wood. There are leading suppliers of plywood in India having formidable reputation for their products both in India and abroad. In case, you have no idea about what to choose; then seeking help from professionals is also a great idea.