waterproof plywood in India

It is now an open secret that high-quality plywood is used in making all types of furniture these days. It is a versatile furniture construction material that scores heavily over all other materials on almost every parameter. As plywood is engineered to make use of tree logs, a natural question that strikes the mind is – whether plywood can be considered eco-friendly?

This blog elucidates and enlightens-

  1. The raw material is sourced from sustainable forests

Both socially responsible and environment-friendly companies such as Duro Ply manufactures plywood procuring raw material from fully sustainable forests leaving no issues behind like deforestation. The company firmly believes in the concept of sustainable foresting – a well-managed and systematic approach to safeguarding forests. In simple words, whatever the company cuts immediately replaces with new seedlings so that the existence of forests can be maintained. Thus, the end product going to the end-user is considered to be completely eco-friendly.

  1. Unique manufacturing methodology 

With the advancement in technology, the manufacturing technique of plywood has become very innovative and unique. The ultra-thin sheets of wood are achieved by applying the method of rotational peeling of lumbers. The way, the optimum utilization of tree logs is made with almost no waste at all. Therefore, this less amount of wastage discourages the further cutting of forests.

  1. Concerns over synthetic glues addressed 

Many people might be apprehensive about the synthetic glues used to produce high-quality standard and waterproof plywood in IndiaEfforts are being made to replace synthetic resins and formaldehyde with biodegradable adhesives and glues while intending to engineer plywood that’s 100% eco-friendly. Some great alternatives are already there that are free from all types of harmful gases. Examples include agri-fiber and soy-based amino acids.

  1. The company’s approach 

When it comes to concluding the thought about eco-friendly plywood, a lot depends upon the ways a company manufactures it. Duro Ply, as India’s leading forest-friendly plywood manufacturing company, has raised the bar of sustainable environment management through the implementation of effective and efficient systems and processes. The company is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for responsible management of wood-based products and also ISO 14001 Certified for environmental management.